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Regulation on Rights and Creativity

Use of Licensed or Proprietary Content:

 Participants must use elements for which they hold the usage rights. This includes models, textures, animations and anything else needed to create their avatar. They must only use resources that they have created, modeled or for which they have the rights to modify and use.


Content Purchases:

 If an attendee purchases items for their avatar, it is crucial to carefully review the usage permissions associated with that content. Only items with appropriate permissions can be included in the avatar creation.


Individual work :

 Participants must create their avatars individually, without external collaboration for the design or assembly of the constituent elements of the avatar. The entire creation process must be carried out by the participant himself, without external assistance.


Respect of Copyright and Licenses:

 Throughout the creation process, participants must scrupulously respect applicable copyrights, licenses and regulations regarding the use and modification of content protected by intellectual property rights.


Validation of Sources:

 Before integrating any element into their avatar, participants must validate the origin and rights of use of these elements. This ensures full compliance with the show's rules and avoids any copyright or licensing violations.


NSFW Content Restriction:

 The avatars created must be suitable for a general audience and respect standards of decency and respect towards all spectators. Therefore, any content of a sexual, vulgar, offensive nature, or inappropriate for a large audience is strictly prohibited. Participants must refrain from creating avatars containing explicit or inappropriate elements that could shock or offend the sensibilities of viewers.

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